Advice and services provided by Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen Advokatfirma are subject to the terms and conditions set out below unless specifically agreed in writing

Conflicts of interest or loyalty

Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen Advokatfirma is subject to the rules on conflicts of interest and loyalty of the Danish Bar and Law Society. Before we take on a case or assignment, we always ensure that the matter will not give rise to any conflicts of interest or loyalty. If any such conflicts arise in the course of a case, we may be required to resign from the matter. If so, we are always happy to recommend other counsel.

Identity information

Lawyers in Denmark are subject to the Danish rules on money laundering. Depending on the nature of an assignment and our knowledge of our clients’ business, this may require us to request identity information from the clients in the form of passport or health insurance card copies before taking on a case.

Order confirmation

Upon receiving a case, we draw up and send an order confirmation to the client. The order confirmation includes a description of the scope, expected timing, and estimated salary for the assignment - subject to the necessary reservation that the full extent of the assignment is not known in advance.

Salary and payment

Our salary is determined based on a number of parameters. Regard is given to the time spent, the complexity and importance to the client of the matter, the values involved, the results achieved, and the responsibility attached to the handling of the assignment. Expenses and disbursements are included in the salary.

The nature and scope of our work, the timing of our services, as well as price and payment are discussed and decided in connection with our receipt of each case or assignment.

Upon request (and always when advising consumer clients), we are happy to provide a reasoned estimate of our salary and information about expected expenses.

You can find more information about our pricing under ”The firm” / “Prices”.

Invoicing and payment terms

Ordinarily, settlement of accounts for a matter is handled once the matter is closed. Payment for ongoing advice and long-term assignments is charged at appropriate intervals, most often every 3 months, unless otherwise agreed.

Terms of payment are 10 days from invoice. VAT is added to our salary in accordance with applicable legislation.


The client is charged separately for disbursements and expenses in connection with the assistance rendered.


Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen Advokatfirma is obligated to maintain strict confidentiality. Any information from or pertaining to a client of the firm that is received in connection with an assignment is treated as confidential unless it is apparent from the circumstances that the information is not of a confidential nature.

Document storage

Original documents are normally handed over to the client at the latest in connection with the conclusion of the assignment. Case files are stored for five years from the conclusion of the matter (date of final invoice).


Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen Advokatfirma is subject to the rules on complaints of the Danish Bar and Law Society. You can find further information at

Choice of law and venue

Any dispute between a client and Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen Advokatfirma is subject to Danish law and the jurisdiction of the City Court of Copenhagen.

Liability, limitation of liability, and insurance coverage

Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen Advokatfirma is liable for legal advice in accordance with the ordinary Danish rules on professional liability, and we are insured with a recognized insurance provider, HDI Danmark, under policy number 156-08408450-30019.  

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, our liability for our legal advice is limited to the coverage amount of our liability insurance, which is DKK 2,500,000 per loss per lawyer and in all per insurance year.