We have extensive procedural experience from our cases before the European Court of Justice and the European Commission, and we regularly advise companies and authorities about all issues in connection with bringing a case before one of these bodies.

This goes for not only competition law and state aid law cases, but also cases concerning more general EU law, particularly within the field of free movement of goods, services, labor, and capital in addition to the right of free establishment. We also have extensive experience with the transportation and agricultural areas, both of which are subject to specific EU regulation that is comprehensive and complex. Among other things, we represent clients in cases concerning EU subsidy schemes both within and outside the agricultural area.

A complaint case typically starts before the competent national authority, e.g. the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food Agency, or the Agricultural Agency, and often continues before the relevant administrative appeals board. In parallel with this, it is relevant to consider – formally or informally – including the European Commission (e.g. by way of a formal complaint), and a case can also be brought before the Danish courts. Ultimately, the case may be brought before the European Court of Justice, typically through a request for a preliminary ruling from the Danish courts.

The interplay between the different litigation and complaint procedures at the national and EU levels can be quite complex, and the path to a favorable result can be long and costly.

We advise on how to choose the right procedural track, taking into account the cost of bringing the case and the need for progress. We help you navigate a complaint case as safely and effectively as possible.

In some cases, the way to success can involve both a legal and a political track – which we are fully aware of in our advice and recommendations.

We often cooperate with political advisors, and we are happy to help you find the right political advisor.