The firm’s three partners, Michael Honoré, Asbjørn Fallesen, and Asbjørn Andersen are among Denmark’s leading experts and have a combined total of more than 40 years of experience within these fields.

We offer advice to both private, semi-public and public companies as well as to authorities (e.g. municipalities). We also offer our services as sub-suppliers to other law firms who need expert knowledge within our fields of specialization.



"Very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. They are transparent and there is no doubt that they are always – always – working in the best interest of the client."

"This is a stand-out practice for State aid work.
They have very deep knowledge of this niche and have over a short period of time built up a very considerable practice in this area. As they are a niche firm they are well placed for helping other law firms in complex cases as subcontractors or co-counsel."

"The service levels are very high and the team responds extremely quickly to my enquiries."

"We received very compelling analysis and valuable commentary on the implications."