At Honoré, Fallesen & Andersen, we do not have one price model for all cases. We want to offer you the price model that gives you the most comfort and transparency.

For that reason, we offer a number of different price models, and we are always happy to discuss alternative models if you have any special wishes.

The following are some of the models that we use most often:

You get a price that is fixed in advance so you know exactly what you will pay for the assignment. Together, we agree on a precise definition of the assignment, and anything falling within the defined assignment is covered by the fixed price. Most often used for cases with a limited duration and a clear scope, e.g. a legal assessment of a specific question.

The price you pay depends on the result that our assistance yields for you (”low cure low pay” – ”high cure high pay”). Most often used for court cases.

For our regular clients, we offer agreements with extra favorable terms for all our services. The more we get to advise you, the greater the rebates we can offer.

If nothing else is agreed, our prices are determined based on our time spent on the assignment and our standard hourly rates adjusted for e.g. the complexity and value of the assignment (for more details, see ”Terms and conditions”).

We are always happy to provide an estimate of our salary or to talk about possible price models before you commit to anything. You never pay for our assistance before we have a definitive agreement that we are to perform a service for you.