Asbjørn is an expert on competition law and public procurement law

Asbjørn is highly specialized within competition law and public procurement law.

Asbjørn has extensive insight on all elements of Danish and EU competition law, including horizontal and vertical agreements, questions concerning abuse of dominant position, and general competition law compliance. Asbjørn has also advised on some of the most important damages cases and criminal cases within competition law in Denmark.

Asbjørn has considerable experience advising contracting authorities and utility companies on all types of public procurement law and contract law issues. His experience also extends to complaint cases and court cases concerning public procurement procedures. He also advises companies taking part in such procedures. Asbjørn has advised on a large number of complex, high-value public procurement procedures carried out as negotiated procedures or competitive dialogue. He has also assisted with reports and investigations concerning public procurement law matters for public authorities.

In addition, Asbjørn has solid experience with procedural law (court cases), general EU law (free movement, EU procedure, etc.), and state aid law.

Asbjørn Dalum Andersen

Experience from one of Denmark’s most prominent law firms and from the European Commission

Asbjørn has more than 11 years of experience within competition law and public procurement law from the law firm of Bech-Bruun. Bech-Bruun is one of the largest and most recognized law firms in Denmark and has been rated as top tier by leading international ratings agencies within competition and public procurement law (among other areas).

Asbjørn also has experience from the European Commission’s department for competition, where Asbjørn worked on large and complex EU competition law cases and took part in the drafting of some of the central EU competition rules.

Finally, Asbjørn has studied competition law and competition economics at the University of California – Davis School of Law.


Extensive teaching experience

Asbjørn har taught competition law and industrial economics at CBS for five years and taught public procurement law at the University of Copenhagen for three years, both places as external lecturer. Furthermore, Asbjørn has designed and carried out a number of tailored education programs within his fields for clients. 


Thorough knowledge of a number of sectors

Asbjørn has done work within a large number of sectors and businesses, but has worked particularly extensively within the areas of food and agriculture, construction, utilities, and energy.



Asbjørn advises in Danish and English. Asbjørn is also happy to communicate in Swedish and Norwegian.